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Impeccable, responsible and ethical behavior towards employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, society and the environment is a matter of course for HOPE SPED. This also applies to compliance with all local, national and international laws and requirements. All employees are obliged to know the rights and obligations relevant to them and to respect them.

This Code of Conduct sets out the general principles of conduct of HOPE SPED. Every employee is obliged to know and respect, in addition to the legal requirements, the prescriptions and rules of conduct and these general principles of conduct.

This code of conduct sets out the principles by which we must act daily on how we treat our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. This applies to all activities carried out within HOPE SPED.

The Code of Conduct must be followed by each employee. Department managers are responsible for making subordinate employees familiar with this code of conduct.

HOPE SPED rejects any form of corruption in the way it works with business partners or officials.

Our business relationship with customers and business partners must be based only on objective criteria, especially on sustainable quality, trust, competitive prices and compliance with environmental and social standards.

HOPE SPED employees are not allowed to offer or grant customers, business partners or officials any benefits (eg gifts, money, services, etc.) to influence their decision-making. HOPE SPED employees are also prohibited from requesting or accepting such benefits in connection with the initiation, assignment or execution of an order.

The prohibition of corruption applies without restrictions, ie regardless of in which country, to whom or for what reason an advantage is granted or requested. Existing anti-corruption laws must be followed by all HOPE SPED employees or representatives.

Any process / transaction that could have an important impact on the organization's activity (eg: acceptance / transmission of price offers, conclusion of transport / acquisition / rental contracts, etc., acquisition of goods and services, making payments to customers, suppliers) is subject to the multiple-eye principle, for making a decision requiring the consent of at least two people, one of whom belongs to top management (General Manager / Administrator).

Conflicts of interest

Each employee may be faced with situations in which the interests of the organization are in contradiction with their own interests. Private interests must be strictly separated from the interests of the organization. Employees who are affected by a possible or actual conflict of interest must urgently declare this to their superiors / administrator so that the matter can be clarified quickly.

Business partners, suppliers, customers and third parties

The way HOPE SPED treats business partners, suppliers, customers and third parties is based on trust and honest behavior. Our business partners, suppliers and customers expect us to be familiar with our contractual obligations to them. We also expect our business partners, suppliers and customers to comply with applicable laws and regulations and to behave in accordance with the rules established in this regard.

Awareness of environmental responsibility at all levels is promoted towards employees. HOPE SPED understands environmental protection as a collective task in which all employees must participate according to their responsibility, knowledge and skills.

Violations of the principles of conduct are not accepted. Each employee who positions himself in opposition to these principles will answer according to the legal regulations in force.

In addition, each employee is required to report violations of legal norms or principles of conduct established in this code and in the Internal Regulations

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