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3PL and Dedicated Logistics

Dedicated complete logistics services and supply chain management. The professional service we are providing in terms of storage, transportation and added value services can be adopted in order to ensure the meeting of our clients’ demands – by making available a customised and perfectly flexible package meeting all specific needs for every sector of activity.

Just-in-time and Reverse Logistics Services

The reverse logistics (RL) stands for a set of programs or competences applied for moving goods in the reverse direction along the supply chain (for instance, from the consumer to the manufacturer) and means much more than a simple reutilization of tankers and packages.


In fact, the process implies moving goods from the point of consumption to a different point by aiming to recover the remaining value or, eventually, for the appropriate disposal of goods.

The object aimed by the Reverse Logistics has extended from the management of certain services in order to include various concerns and significantly has drawn the attention of most companies.

The Reverse Logistics Process may periodically generate negative cash flows which are very important for the management of trader’s liquidities, even if it is difficult to predict and account them.

The uncertainties related to the Reverse Logistics determine difficulties for traders in meeting their short-term financial obligations or maximizing opportunities

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Simple and efficient solutions!

Transports yearly
KPI - 99,5%

Transportation and logistics – liquid goods

The transportation of dangerous liquid goods involves the highest responsibility for the product, the people and the environment and therefore it is very important for you to choose professional transport services such as those provided by Hope Sped.

The liquid logistics department develops and implements transportation solutions for all products, both chemical hazardous or non-hazardous, as well as food products.  So we provide to our clients customized transportation solutions, the information flow being controlled from the beginning up to the end.

Approximately 60-70% of the transported goods are hazardous substances belonging to the ADR classes 3, 6, 8 and 9. Flexibility, reliability and durability, as well as the compliance with legal, quality and environmental requirements are priority indicators at Hope Sped.

Hope Sped can provide for you stainless steel tanks, insulated, equipped with a heating system, air compressor and always clean, with ECD (European Cleaning Document), in order to avoid any kind of contamination of the product.

Quality means for us to fully comply with the customer’s needs, the certainty that the transport were conducted in the best conditions. The professionalism is represented by high-level selections both of the drivers and of the employees and managers.

Transport FTL / LTL / Expres

Within the General Goods Department we provide direct and multimodal transportation, storage, supply, cross-docking and customs clearance services for packaged and bulk goods.

Our team members working together and sharing each other the professional experience provide a solid basis in developing each transportation process. That’s why we manage to successfully approach all issues arisen in the benefit of our clients, by guaranteeing their satisfaction of having made a good choice.


Intermodal / Hub / Cross-docking

The importance of intermodal transportations is a major one in the light of the UE standards requiring the reducing of carbon emissions. Continuing the flow through the Hub terminals of our partners gives us the possibility to make simultaneous deliveries by cross-dock in all major cities in Romania

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Solutii transport
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More than 20 successful years!


Hope Speed was founded in 2003 as a private company with full Romanian capital.

The goal consisting in providing specialised transportation for liquid goods and becoming an important player in the domestic market was reached in the first two years.



In 2004 the General Goods Department was founded. The new department consisting in a motivated, experimented and flexible team became quickly an important player in the transportation market and gained a good reputation for the company both in Romania and abroad.


While Romania entered into UE, the free movement of goods redesigned the Romanian transportation market and Hope Speed managed to successfully adapt itself to the new conditions by continuing its financial growing and extending the clients’ list. Together with strategic partners in Hungary and Germany, Hope Speed developed a very efficient transportation and logistic network.

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Hope Speed concluded long-term partnerships with some important players in the chemical industry and consumer goods sectors. The Company developed a project in the automotive field by adapting itself to the specific requirements in terms of transportation and quality.

Senior management of our Company managed to overcome the financial crisis, the turnover of the Company amounting to more than ten million euro.


The Company opened branches in Austria and Bucharest for better covering the territory. The vehicles fleet enlarged by new Mercedes Actros EURO 6 trucks according to the strategy for decreasing both the pollutant emissions and the transportation costs due to lower fuel consumption.


The Company has 45 employees and its turnover amounts to more than thirteen million euro, being the second transportation company in the county. The fleet extends by 7 Man TGX Efficient Line trucks. Services supply contracts are concluded with multinational companies, such contracts amounting to six million euro.

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