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HOPE SPED was founded in 2003 as a privately held transport and logistic company, based in Sfantu Gheorghe, in the central part of the country,  the historical region of Transylvania.

Ever since, our Company has been continuously developed based on an organizational policy which emphasizes the importance of meeting our clients’ demands in terms of quality and promptness.

We strongly believe that and are willing to provide services for transportations complying with the highest demands and standards by continuously improving the quality according to the management systems. Therefore we commit ourselves to identify, fulfil and constantly exceed our clients’ expectations.

The first priority of our employees is to provide the most advantageous solutions as response to our clients’ demands by being flexible and showing care for the client.

For the past decades we have consistently operated as one of the few large, top tier tank truck haulers in the southeastern Europe we have continued to grow our market footprint, our driver count and our revenues and are poised to continue that growth

By having a professional and dynamic team, we currently operate more than 1000 transportations monthly, the amount of our work being reflected by the economic performance of our Company.

All issues related to our activity are rigorously measured and monitored. The continuous development of the Company and the constant improvement of the way we provide services for our clients stand for our main concerns and the most important competitive advantage.




Csaba Bodó


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​​“Logic takes you from A to B, Imagination takes you anywhere you want.”

– Albert Einstein



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